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Growing An Organization of Givers

Growing An Organization of Givers by Philip Gajewski, Team Leader In the world of business, and in any office setting, a multitude of personalities exist among employees. But there are 3 fundamental styles of personal interaction that require particular focus: Takers, Matchers and Givers. [The latter of the 3 being most beneficial in the author’s opinion.]   In brief: Takers – This type of personality has a unique signature in that they like to take more than they give and often tilt reciprocity in there own favor.   Matchers – With a belief in tit-for- tat fairness, this personality type strives to preserve an equal balance of giving and getting. Givers – This personality type uses a different cost-benefit analysis, where they may help when the benefits to others exceeds personal cost. So the question remains, which employee style is more effective and produces higher success rates? Unfortunately, the Givers tend to get a bad rep and a large amount fall into the

We want to brag on our team a little...

The third quarter of 2017 has been an exciting time here at Iris!  We have been helping our guys dominate their goals and in turn crushing our year goals already (it's only September, no big deal...)!  Here is an update of some exciting milestones: Grant Hixson:  Management Grant hit standards to become a branch manager for our company!  His goals are to help our company expand to Montgomery, Alabama and to continue to train business leaders.  We are so proud of Grant's 2 years of hard work that have gotten him to his goals, but we are not surprised by his success because he truly exemplifies Iris' core values in his everyday life.  We hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave!  Best of luck in good ole' Montgomery! Germain Choiniere:  JR Business Partner Germain has been one of our top trainers for just under 3 years now and recently got promoted to one of our JR Business Partner positions!  His role is still training, but